• Roma

  • Oriana

  • Samantha

Roma first opened as Riverside Chemist in the Riverside Centre in 2004 and launched her first website in the same year.

In 2007 she moved to 307 Queen Street and renamed the pharmacy Alchemy Pharmacy and the website

Alchemy Pharmacy then moved around the corner to the Manor Apartments 289 Queen Street in 2012. 

In 2015 she sold and took a break.  In 2016 Ecopharmacy was born. 

Ecopharmacy is a new concept in pharmacy offering a full private pharmacy in addition to eco options.  We opened a new Ecopharmacy CBD in January 2017 in the Manor Apartments 289 Queen Street Brisbane.

We provide a full prescription service, cold and flu medications, pain relievers, medication counselling, health tests, vitamins, skincare, first aid kit supplies, flu immunisations and fresh flowers.  At Ecopharmacy CBD we also take passport photos and our eco pharmacy is also home to Dusty Girls natural cosmetics, Oriental Botanicals and Amplio vitamins.

Ecopharmacy Express, the website for Ecopharmacy CBD was launched in March 2017.

Our team is headed by Roma, a pharmacist, immuniser and owner with over 30 years experience who is instore Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Also part of the team is Oriana, a pharmacist who also has over 30 years experience and is instore on Thursdays and Fridays.  Samantha is our experienced assistant and consultant who also assists with vaccinations.