Simple ways to kick your energy up a notch when you’re at work

Check out these four easy steps to keep you going strong until Friday! 

1. Step away for 60 seconds

A quick walk around the office can really get the blood flowing, boosting your circulation. This can help push more oxygen to your muscles and brain, which helps with productivity and memory!

2. Eat an apple

An apple gives you a natural sugar kick which is said to provide the energy equivalent to a cup of coffee. They are also packed with fibre and carbohydrates, which help your body absorb the natural sugar slowly so you avoid the crash you might get if you ate a chocolate bar.  

3. Drink plenty of water

Without enough water each day, the flow of oxygen to your organs can be slowed down, leaving you feeling tired. Studies have shown that even mild dehydration can impair your thinking as well as causing muscle fatigue.  

4. Get a massage

The physical manipulation of your muscles can help to release tension and encourage good circulation and blood flow. 

Roma Clayton-Tweedie