Tips for not over-indulging this festive season

Have you ever felt that you shouldn't have had that second or even third serve? Chances are you have probably over-indulged in something delicious and are now experiencing the consequences, both physical and emotional.

Have a protein rich snack before you head out
If you arrive at your party absolutely starving, you’ll probably grab a hold of anything in sight, which may not necessarily be the healthiest option. If you have a pre-party snack such as a couple of boiled eggs, hummus with raw veggies, a handful of nuts or a protein shake you’ll be less likely to reach for the spring rolls.

Be careful with canapes
Be smart when choosing finger food. Go for grilled proteins rather than fried, fresh or raw vegetables instead of rich sauces and keep track of how much you’ve had so you don’t overdo it.

Drink more water and less alcohol
Most of us don’t get enough water each day and with the added excitement of the holidays, drinking alcohol only makes us more dehydrated. You don’t have to cut out drinking alcohol entirely, just be sure to drink water between drinks and be mindful of the drinks you do have.

Keep up the exercise
Whether you have guests or are heading away for Christmas, an exercise routine can be difficult to maintain. However, it’s important to be consistent, especially over the festive season. A 30-minute walk can be done almost anywhere, or there are lots of easy and quick home workouts available with a quick Youtube search.

Indulge, mindfully
It is the holiday season after all - you are supposed to indulge and enjoy yourself! The key is to be fully mindful when you are. This means focusing in on the flavours, texture, smell, and every other little thing you love about it. When you’re mindful of the experience, even a little can go a long way.

Roma Clayton-Tweedie